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The student-owned newspaper, TechNews, is founded in 1928. It is published by and for the students of the Illinois Institute of Technology (also located in Chicago, IL). The content in TechNews doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the editors, staff, or advisory board of TechNews. Rather, it is intended to inform, entertain, and encourage students about the various technological advances and innovations happening at the Institute. A student interested in reading about current trends in Illinois’ technology community may want to consider subscribing to TechNews.

The schedule for this year’s edition of Technews includes an array of important topics covering Illinois’ growth and influence on the global economy. This includes Illinois’ role as a technology hub, the role of the private sector in supporting colleges and universities, and Illinoisans’ continuing dependence on technology. Additionally, this month’s edition will focus on Illinois’ bid to be the first “superpower” in the world. According to the editorial, that effort is part of the administration’s plan to “reinvent” the postsecondary educational system in the United States. The goal, the editorial continues, is to attract the nation’s top graduates to work in Illinois, creating jobs for Illinoisans and paving the way for growth for IIT Illinois’s main campus located in the Chicago area. The Dec. 7/8 issue will feature an exhibit at the Tech Expo in Chicago, which will allow students to see some of the most cutting-edge applications and equipment that have been developed at the IIT.

According to the Dec. 7/8 issue of Technews, the Illinois Institute of Technology is working on a new quantum computer, which it hopes will break the “peringaging” problems that currently exist in traditional computers. According to Bruce Dzurakoff, who serves as president and CEO of the IIT-Chicago, the new system will offer a real alternative to traditional computing. He also mentioned that the company is in the early stages of developing onboard computers that will be compatible with quantum computers.

Apple has announced that it will release an application called “ioned” later this year. According to the publication, the software will allow users to view notes on their iPhones and access maps with “the push of a button.” Apple may require users to pay for monthly access to the service, though the publication didn’t specify. The company did, however, indicate that “rypted apps” may also be available for download from the iTunes Store in the future.

A “maid service” application may also be introduced by Apple this fall. The company said that it will provide assistance to busy housewives and mothers while they are away from home and running errands. For those unable to watch children, the application will allow them to stay in touch via text messages. Other applications may also be available in the future.

Apple has not yet said whether it will carry out television advertising on the App Store or if it will focus on selling apps. The company is also still in the process of organizing an entertainment-focused event that will coincide with the introduction of its television service. In June, Variety reported that executives from both companies had met to discuss the possibility of the two companies partnering together. No further details have been released, including whether negotiations are ongoing.

Apple’s purchase of the mapping service may represent a first for the company. Technews has also reported that AT&T will offer the iPhone owner free maps from AT&T that can be used on the App Store. Other companies are expected to follow suit, including Google.

Apple may also introduce new applications during its event. Whether or not these will be made available through the Apple App Store is not clear at this time. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment when asked about whether or not the company may make more money by selling the existing applications for a third party. It may become necessary for them to begin selling the apps through another channel. The news from technews indicates that it may be something that they are interested in.

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