Latest Technology Updates For the Enterprise Cloud

In today’s modern world, the use of technology for communication purposes is everywhere and so is the need for beacon technology updates. The advances in technology have led to the creation of new applications for beacons including cell phone manufacturers, retailers, and real estate companies. In order to take full advantage of all these applications, it is necessary to get the latest technology updates from the experts.

With the help of reliable beacons manufacturers such as Radiology Associates, one can design the beacons that will meet the exact requirements of their application. These manufacturers will then provide the best technology updates that will boost the performance of the beacons. One of the important areas where technology has made an impact is with the area tracking beacons. With the help of this technology updates, medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics can track the location and other details of their patients and also get accurate and timely contact information from them.

The advancements in beacon technology are being followed by the advancements in the market place. It is necessary to get the latest technology updates from the beacon technology manufacturing companies so as to have an idea of the latest additions and upgrades in the technology. One of the technology updates includes the availability of the handheld beacons called Pulse Detectors. This technology provides high resolution images of medical facilities using short wave radio frequency.

Another area where technology has made an impact is with the application of the Covid-19 contact tracing system. The main benefits of using this technology are: It helps in the trace of people whether they are in the hospital morgue or even in a road accident. Hospitals and law enforcement authorities are using this technology to track patients who are unconscious or not responding to any call. The hospitals can easily find the presence of a patient in the Intensive Care Unit and keep a check on him.

The next technology update includes the introduction of the QoS compliant beacons. This technology provides social distancing. In other words it enables a device to determine the location of a user based on the frequency of his call. This feature is very helpful when an institution like an airport offers services to the general public through its mobile phones. When the airport staff has their own mobile phones with the latest technology deployed in them then they can easily tell if someone is wandering off from the security checkpoint or not. In this case they can quickly stop that person and make him aware that there are facilities available for his use.

The third important technology update involves the use of the Bluetooth technology for the purpose of beacon location tracking. This facility is useful in the areas such as: Crime Scene Investigation, Maritime Investigations, missing persons and Missing Children’s Assistance etc. The police department has also started using these beacons in tracking suspects in cases of missing persons. The use of this technology by the police forces and the hospital has reduced the instances of false claims made by the relatives of the missing persons, as they can easily track their relative from their cell phone in real time using the Bluetooth technology. The hospitals have also started using this technology to locate the patients who are unconscious or suffering from any sort of health-related problem which could not be identified using the normal method.

The last but not the least is the latest technology updates regarding theblockchain. The use of this technology is beneficial in several ways. First of all it is a highly scalable solution for all the business requirements in the financial sector. Due to its wide application, the applications of theblockchain are not limited and it is being adopted by companies in sectors such as: Digital Identity & Mobile Payments, Digital Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Cosmetics, Energy, pharmaceuticals etc.

At the moment theblockchain has been launched in the private cloud which means that the real time transaction solutions will be provided by the cloud provider rather than having the platform providers host the infrastructure. At the moment the major players in the technology are IBM, Consensys and Chain Commerce. With theblockchain you can create your own customized dapp with a very easy user interface and the easiest technology platform to use which is not for the enterprise that uses the qr code technology.

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