Rankings of Top 10 Universities in Pakistan

Ranking the top ten universities in Pakistan is quite a challenge. Lahore, with the help of research and university resources is able to pull up the top three spots due to its excellence in education, research and courses. It has successfully concluded that engineering, law and medicine can form the keystones of any great university. The university has also become the first ever to receive the coveted ‘graduate-awards’ from outside the Pakistan.

At the other end of the scale, you will find only two universities from JKUAT in Pakistan – university professors who have little or no previous teaching experience, but a business administration degree. These two are apparently at the lower end of the subject range, but have pulled up the rest of the pack. These two universities form the core faculty alongside the best universities of Pakistan, JKUAT, and Islamabad University.

There are two business administration universities located in Islamabad. They are Zayed University and Institute of Management and Systems (IMS). It is no wonder that these two universities have carved out a separate place in the market. They have produced excellent graduates who are equipped with all the expertise required for today’s business applications. They are ranked tenth, fourth and fifth respectively in the national rankings.

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