Trends in Technologies

Technological progress or technological change, is the overall evolutionary process of technological development, innovation and adoption of new technologies and procedures. The definition of technological change refers to significant changes in a technological system through the gradual build up of novel procedures and products with the help of highly advanced technology and methods. The adoption of new procedures and products implies that there is effective use of the existing technological infrastructure to achieve some ends, such as to achieve optimized productivity or environmental cleanup. In addition, technological developments also imply the creation of new knowledge and information. These developments further define the meaning of technological change.

In the last ten to fifteen years, we have witnessed immense technological advances in almost all domains, with most of these inventions being in the form of the innovations for new processes and practices. Some of the most notable technological advances from the last decade are listed below. These include the following:

Computers: The computer has been one of the most prolific inventions in the past century and still continues to play a very vital role in our daily lives. The computer helps us solve problems by providing solutions for them. There have been several other inventions relating to computer science such as the laser printer and digital cameras, to mention only a few.

Biotechnology: Biological innovations have contributed to the medical world in a great way. They have provided means for the production of new medicines and treatments. These technological advances have also provided opportunities for the commercialization of biotechnological resources.

Nanotechnology: This technological advancement refers to the use of small-sized and focused particles for the purpose of nanotechnology. This field involves the study of the properties of light, heat, magnetism, electronic waves, sound, x-rays, and even molecules. The main objective of this technological advancement is to develop new materials that can be used for the development of various appliances and devices.

Ipad: The iPad has turned into a mini computer that can be easily carried anywhere. This amazing device has made surfing the internet as easy as clicking a button. In addition, it acts like a calculator, mobile phone, PDA, camera, video camcorder, and music player all at the same time. All these functions were powered by the innovative thinking of the iPad’s developer. It was not long before tablets became an indispensable part of every student’s life when the iPad was launched into the market.

Space Exploration: We cannot take our eyes off the moon, Mars, and beyond. There have been several technological advances in this area of research over the past decade. One such breakthrough was the discovery of water on Mars. Scientists have been able to use this technology to build water tanks on Mars, and eventually send a team to live there for up to 5 months. This way people have been able to discover a new world that we may one day explore.

These are only a few of the many technological advances that the United States had made in the past decade. From space exploration to new forms of energy, this country has been working hard to keep ahead of the rest of the world. Whether you are a fan of space, a fan of science, or a fan of technology; the United States is working hard to ensure that it remains a leader in the space race.

Social Conditions: Over the last 10 years or so there have been numerous technological innovations that have turned the social conditions around. Video games, chat networks, social networking, and even social media have changed the way we interact with each other. Many of us spend our lives at home, at work, or with friends and family. All of these technologically advanced communities are experiencing tremendous growth in popularity. This means that as more people get involved with these social conditions, new opportunities will open up for all of us.

In all of these cases, entrepreneurs and innovators are putting their ideas into practice, creating wealth for those that are willing to work hard to create it. It appears that the time is ripe for entrepreneurs to come up with new business concepts that will ignite the economy once again. One area where we see such trends coming up is in the area of electric cars. Entrepreneurs are looking to apply disruptive innovation to this industry, and they are doing an amazing job. In fact, many of the new companies that are being formed by people that started businesses developing electric cars are on the verge of taking over the entire automotive industry.

This means that the United States must work very hard if it is going to maintain its status as a world leader in innovation. If we do not continue to take full advantage of such technological innovations that are occurring right now, we could find ourselves headed for economic doom. The best thing that we can do for our economy right now is to ensure that the government continues to support all of the new businesses forming in this day and age. Otherwise, entrepreneurs and innovators may decide to leave the country and go somewhere else where they will be happier. This is why I believe that the United States must remain a leader in innovation in order to keep the American dream alive.

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