Why Top 10 Universities In India Are Important?

In India, fast growth is seeing by higher Education. The best Schools in India has always stood in the top spot to provide all required things to its students for improving their educational knowledge, acquiring skills, and talent. Today, Indian University has become a desirable destination for the students and Researchers from all over the world.

On the other hand, Indian University’s ranking has witnessed tremendous rise in the recent past. One of the main reasons for this is, the recognition of their superior academic reputation apart from world-class teaching facilities, excellent research facilities and competent infrastructure. The most important and beneficial factor for the recognition at international level is the citations per faculty, which is counted in various fields like arts, commerce, engineering, etc. A high number of citations per faculty helps in getting an internationally competitive edge. There are some eminent Research Institutions and Colleges that have earned a reputation in the field of study. This further raises the bar in case of obtaining the degree and improves your employment prospect worldwide.

The academic ranking of the universities is also an indication of the quality and quantity of teaching, research output and co-curricular activities. University of Jammu and Kashmir (JKU) is among the top 10 universities in India that has bagged the top rank 7 times in overall Academic Ranking of India. The University of Delhi is one of the most prestigious institutions of India that has earned world-wide credibility in teaching and research. In the case of Delhi University, there are various reasons behind its success such as; its amalgamation with the renowned institution of Indira Gandhi National University (IGNCU), presence of renowned scholars and teachers like HG Rajavela and former President of India Shri PV Jairamani.

In the case of Delhi University, the ranking is done on the basis of academic reputation, faculty strength, research output, acceptance of students from every nook and corner of the country and so on. In order to get the full recognition of the institution, it should be backed with a good faculty strength. If you want to have a good job in India, you will have to undergo the interview session of the admission of a good faculty. If you manage to clear the interview, then you can easily sail through the interview and land up with a good job. You can easily check the list of top 10 universities in India and then create your profile in the campus-based recruitment system.

Another very good University of India that ranks high on the list of top universities in India is the School of Engineering and Technology (SIT) at Hyderabad. It has achieved good percentile in all the Academic Ranking Tests and the faculty has been successful in carrying out the research work successfully in various branches of science. The main stream of concentration of the School of Engineering and Technology is Computer Technology. Students from various units of SIT are into top 10 universities in India. Among the students who have graduated in computer science, those who have earned a degree in Electronic circuitry and those who have joined courses in the allied electronics have been given a priority.

The other best universities of India rank very high on the lists of the best universities in India. They are University of Delhi, IIFT, IIM Ahmadabad, Indian Institute of Technology, Institute of Management Education and Technology (IMET), Hyderabad University and IIT Delhi. All these universities have achieved good percentile in the Academic Ranking Tests and their research work has been successful in carrying out various branches of engineering. The students who come to these universities are provided with the best facilities. They enjoy good scholarship and also gain lots of employment opportunities in different fields.

The Government of India has also taken great care in promoting education. In order to promote their best universities in India, various measures have been taken by the Government. For example, the plan was started for the launch of the first University of Nairabadi in Kerala. This is a part of Kerala’s bid to be the hub of Indian learning and is expected to emerge as one of the top universities in India in the coming years. There are many other initiatives taken by the Government to promote their top universities in India.

In order to enhance their academic reputation, most of the institutions have improved the infrastructure facilities at their educational institutes. This has made the students study more comfortably. In addition to this, various other measures are also taken by them to increase the student strength at the institutes. For instance, inviting more female students to join the faculty has become a common measure among the institutes. Thus, it is not wrong to say that while ranking these institutions, the Government of India has done a lot for their better academic reputation.

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